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A 1911 5% Imperial Chinese Government, Hukuang Railways Gold Loan, £20 Issued by Banque de L'Indo-Chine, Paris. Called the Hukuang Gold Loan, its issuance was one of the indirect causes of the fall of the Qing Dynasty. Coupons attached. Beautiful British and French chops. In a gold-colour wooden frame.

53cm high x 35cm wide


Additional Information
Purpose of the loan was the construction of 1124 miles of railways lines , 560 miles of unfinished Canton-Hankow Railway and other projects. In order to carry on the planned works the authorities sized privately owned railway lines to combine and properly develop the railway network, also increasing taxes and levies on the population. Strong, popular unrest followed. This loan contributed to the abdication of the Manchus, proclaimed on October 16, 1911 by Prince Regent Chun on behalf of the boy Emperor following outbreak of revolution in Wuchang and Chengdu extended to the whole country. It was authorised £10 million, of which only a first series of £6 million was issued by the Banking Consortium of HSBC in London and Shanghai, Banque de l'Indo-Chine in Paris, Deutsche-Asiatische Bank in Berlin and the New York Banks. Printed by Waterlow & Sons Ltd, London.
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Minor signs of wear commensurate with age and use, folded in the middle.
Dimensions with frame
72cm high x 53cm wide
Sub Category
Chinese Bond

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