We offer a dedicated service for estates and professional advisers requiring appraisal services or fair market value for items through auction sales.

We will advise you whether it would be more successful to hold one or more stand-alone sales, with the items either kept on the estate premises or in our saleroom, or offer the items across our regular specialist or general auctions. We can offer estate auctions designated either with the name of the deceased or anonymously.

Our auctions are marketed globally, so there is no need for the expensive and troublesome export of items of value to overseas auctioneers.

Click on the links to find out more about what we sell and how to sell with us, as well as about how we market our auctions. If you are interested in estate planning, please also see Private Collections.

Clients value our transparent, reliable and bespoke service. We will work hard to get the best results and provide helpful solutions for you. We also understand there may be additional complexities or sensitivities for us to navigate.

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